Unique challenges lead to unique outcomes.

Kilograph presents me with a wide range of new challenges each day. I bounce between supporting the sales team, overseeing the operations of the studio as a whole, and managing my own high-profile projects. Whether I'm figuring out how to help this small creative studio grow into it's next phase or trying to find a way to steer 20+ creative types towards the goal line, my work is never dull.


My work at Mopro had me look at enough sites to choke an AWS server.

When I started, I was a front-line project manager overseeing roughly two-dozen simple to moderate web development projects at a time. I quickly earned a reputation for quality, so they put me in charge of planning and building the quality control department. Three teams and fifteen-plus trainees later, I've seen so many websites I still have dreams about them.

Victory Point Games

While at Victory Point Games I didn't just play a bunch of board games...although I did do my fair share of that.

I managed 10 game projects on my own and supervised other project managers on a multitude of other games. Throughout my tenure, I saw 41 games through from the early stages to completion and was involved in the production of nearly two dozen other games that completed after my departure.