Going Up?

So you're the lucky person stuck in the elevator with me...

[Floor 1 - doors close]
Hi, I'm Josh - a freelance UI/UX designer and PMP certified project/program manager living in downtown Los Angeles; even though I'm originally from the Philadelphia area, I spent most of my life in Seattle. Usually you can catch me working on projects, bouncing around ideas, looking for ways to improve professionally, going to see a movie, or playing video or board games. I have a serious Loot Crate addiction, a love of Great Danes, and almost more graphic tees than anyone should ever own (according to my girlfriend). 
[Floor 2 - ding]
I'm a lifelong computer user and gamer. I've been exposed to a wide variety of user interfaces, giving me a great degree of design flexibility. My professional UI/UX experience is split between web design and board games.
For project management, I have experience in a variety of industries and can adapt to new ones as needed. I'm currently the program manager at a small creative studio focusing on architectural visualization, but I'm always curious to see what's out there. Seriously, hit me up.
[Floor 3 - ding]
With bachelor's degrees in Game Art & Design (focused on UI/UX Design) and Theatre Arts (focuses in Directing and Lighting Design), I have a wide range of skills, can quickly jump into any role, and always look for how to make my teammates' work lives easier. 
[Floor 4 - ding]
I have managed teams of up to 30 members, scheduled and planned for both short- and long-term success (including coordinating the use of various spaces, the necessary manpower, and the budgets to pay for everything), and worked as both a member of a creative team and the producer in charge of them.
[Floor 5 - ding]
I'm looking for a team that values transparency, open collaboration, and actionable goals. 
[Doors open]
It was nice to meet you (of course it was, you're you!) and I'm excited to see what we can accomplish together.