Josh Neiman
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I am a freelance game designer and producer living in Orange County, California; I'm originally from the Philadelphia area but spent a good chunk of time in the neighborhoods of Seattle. Being a lifelong gamer in both digital and manual formats, I have been exposed to a wide variety of genres and game types, giving me a lot of design flexibility. While my professional experience has been in the manual game industry, my true passion is for digital games and I'm working on an unannounced project that blends the two, creating a series of fun, challenging games that are also impart important life skills to the players.

With bachelor's degrees in Theatre Arts (focuses in Directing and Lighting Design) and Game Art & Design (focused on UI/UX Design), I have a wide range of skills and abilities. I have managed teams of up to 30 members; scheduled and planned events up to a year ahead of time, including coordinating the use of various spaces, the necessary manpower, and the budgets to pay for everything; and worked as both a member of a creative team and the producer in charge of them.


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