Josh Neiman
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I am a freelance UI/UX designer living in Orange County, California; I'm originally from the Philadelphia area but spent a good chunk of time in the neighborhoods of Seattle. Being a lifelong computer user and gamer, both digital and manual, I have been exposed to a wide variety of user interfaces, giving me a great degree of design flexibility. My professional UI/UX experience is split between board games and web design; my current day job is working as the Quality Control Engineer Lead for a growing web development company in Irvine, but I am looking for my next UI/UX position.

With bachelor's degrees in Theatre Arts (focuses in Directing and Lighting Design) and Game Art & Design (focused on UI/UX Design), I have a wide range of skills and abilities. I have managed teams of up to 30 members; scheduled and planned events up to a year ahead of time, including coordinating the use of various spaces, the necessary manpower, and the budgets to pay for everything; and worked as both a member of a creative team and the producer in charge of them.


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